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EnerCube应用场景-工业园区新logo 910-574


EnerCube Containerized Battery Energy Storage System

The EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System represents a milestone in high-safety integrated energy storage solutions, developed by the Vilion team with over 15 years of experience in battery energy storage R&D and applications. Tailored for user-side energy storage needs, it excels in various scenarios such as C&I emergency power, peak-load shifting, system capacity expansion, and enhancing the stability of renewable energy power output.


The innovative product structure design allows for a 50% reduction in the delivery cycle of EnerCube. Moreover, the unique modular design ensures separate module operation, so maintenance of one module does not interfere with the normal operation of others or cause downtime for the entire system, thereby increasing system availability.


Adhering to strict production management standards aligned with ISO quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety requirements, the EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System undergoes rigorous testing and commissioning processes before customer delivery. This approach not only saves on-site construction and operational costs but also ensures safe, efficient, and seamless energy utilization. 



Key Parameters

Cell: LFP   

Max. Capacity: 1720kWh          

Rated Power: 400kW, 500KW, 600KW, 700KW, 800kW

Rated Grid Voltage:AC400V, 3P4W+PE

Communication Interface & Protocol: Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP

Size: 6058mm*2438mm*2896mm









Peak-load Shifting  

Benefit from the Time-of -Use Tariff        

Microgrid for Islands and Remote Areas

Power Expansion

Renewable Energy Integration

Backup Power



High Integration 

All-in-One design to integrate all components by one-stop in the containers of international standard size, which is easy to lift and transfer.


Flexible Scalability

Modular design of structure and components, multiple parallel connection and collaborative control;

Easy integrating with multi-type power source, such as solar, wind and diesel generators as per demands conveniently;

High compatibility with different brands, different manufacturing times, and even different specifications of the battery cluster.






High safety

200+ FMEA design optimization;

60+ security protection policies;

Modular intercluster security isolation technology;

Advanced model health assessment and risk warning technology.


Economy and high efficiency

DC BUS Netting Technology to eliminate the passive circulation between clusters, and the battery cluster capacity is 100% available;

Grately saving cost of the power part, and system efficiency increased by 2%.


Let’s find why choose EnerCube




Customized BESS Solution


Vilion offers customized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions tailored to your project's specific application, providing flexible power and capacity options.
Application: frequency regulation, voltage support, renewable energy integration, peak load shifting, microgrid and backup power supply.
Charging/discharging rate: 1C, 0.5C, etc.

Cooling method: forced air cooling or liquid cooling.
Container type: 20ft, 30ft, 40ft.

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