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Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet

EnerGeo aims to provide reliable energy supply for all fixed loads in the C&I industries, flexibly configuring various applications through the interfaces of control units, and exchanging operating data of battery systems with other devices. Multiple battery cabinets can be connected in parallel to each other to provide a large-scale energy storage solution.

  • 1C rate charge/discharge
  • Solar+storage+DC EV charging piles
  • Cell: LFP
  • Battery Capacity (BOL): 46.08kWh~69.12kWh 
  • Rated Power: 30kW, 60kWh

EnerGeo Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet

EnerGeo is designed to ensure dependable energy provision for all stationary loads within the C&I sectors. It offers flexible configuration options for different applications through control unit interfaces, allowing for the exchange of operational data with other devices. Its modular design facilitates various system combinations to meet diverse voltage and capacity needs. Multiple battery cabinets can be parallelly connected to provide an extensive energy storage solution. The system's front end integrates with solar systems, while its back end connects to DC charging stations, forming an integrated solar + storage + charging project.

Key Parameters


Cell: LFP  

Capacity: 46.08kWh~69.12kWh          

Rated Power: 30kW, 60kW

Rated Grid Voltage: AC400V

Communication Interface and Protocol: Ethernet,Modbus TCP/IP

Size: 1350mm*2100mm*1050mm


Design Highlight


Solar+Storage+EV charging   

1C rate charge/discharge      

4 layers safety design

Renewable energy integration

PACK double bolt insulating installation

Multiple battery cabinets connected in parallel




Products Application

 Factory, Office Park, Hotel, Restaurant
Arbitraging from the TOU tariff, peak-load shifting 

 EV Charging Station
Solar+storage+charging station to improve the solar utilization

Multi-energy integration with solar, diesel generator, wind turbine, etc.

 Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
Grid auxiliary service, VPP

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Vilion offers customized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions tailored to your project's specific application, providing flexible power and capacity options.
Application: frequency regulation, voltage support, renewable energy integration, peak load shifting, microgrid and backup power supply.

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