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EnerArk2.0 Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet 

The EnerArk2.0 Integrated Battery Energy Storage Cabinet stands as a flagship product in Vilion, highly praised by a multitude of users for its superior integration, user-friendly operation, reliable performance, and sleek design. The cabinet features EV-grade safety LFP batteries known for their exceptional performance, easily adaptable to various power sources for peak-load shifting, emergency backup, cost savings through Time-of-Use tariffs, and seamless integration with renewable energy sources. It is the preferred choice for commercial districts, shopping malls, communities and charging stations.


The EnerArk 2.0 adopts a revolutionary four-layer safety design, capable of AC or DC coupling with photovoltaic systems and supporting parallel connection and coordinated control of up to 60 units. Currently, EnerArk 2.0 has obtained CE certification for the entire unit and global authoritative certifications including G99, UN3480, UKCA, MSDS, with applications spanning across multiple countries on 5 continents.

Key Parameters for EnerArk 2.0

Cell: LFP  

Capacity: 143kWh~215kWh          

Rated Power: 30kW, 50kW, 100kW

Rated Grid Voltage: AC400V±15%

Communication Interface and Protocol: Ethernet,Modbus TCP/IP

Size: 1900mm*1330mm*2100mm 


Key Parameters of EnerArk2.0

Benefit from the Time-of-Use tariff   

Peak-load shifting      

Grid support service

Renewable energy integration

Demand management

Emergency power



Customer Values

High Safety
Embedding safety in the whole process of system design, including but not limit to the original design patents of preventing flame outward expansion and battery cluster active parallel management technology. 

● Quick Response
Further optimized control system can realize responding within 100ms, and meet quick DFR FM applications. 

● Flexible Scalability
Standardized modular building block design to satisfy various power levels parallel connection of multiple units for high-capacity energy storage demands. 

● Intelligent Operation
AI and digital intelligent energize the independently developed cloud platform to realize remote monitoring, real-time battery life assessment service, and visible quality assurance.


Bring you with the more secure, more intelligent,

more professional and more flexible energy using experience.

Vilion offers customized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions tailored to your project's specific application, providing flexible power and capacity options.
Application: frequency regulation, voltage support, renewable energy integration, peak load shifting, microgrid and backup power supply.

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