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The Vilion founding team embarked on battery energy storage product R&D and applications in 2007. Since then, both software and hardware technologies in the energy storage system have undergone numerous optimizations and upgrades. The latest Ener series products integrate over 20 new patented technologies, featuring a highly modular design, advanced pressure and heat dissipation virtual simulation verification, and the AI cloud platform ViViewer. These advancements ensure users access safer, more flexible, and ultimately, the most profitable smart energy solutions.

2S + C build Vilion’s Core Technology Framework 



  • Data-based security Management (in conjunction with EMS)
  • Battery cluster active parallel management technology
  • Quick replacement & maintenance technology


  • Compatible with multiple PCS protocols
  • Based on edge computing and data-based operation optimization to achieve system security management and revenue maximization
  • Compatible with more VPP platforms and AGC
  • Smarter operation and less system failure recovery
  • EMS combines with the cloud platform to serve the whole system


  • We utilize data computing and machine learning to test and enhance product performance, manage battery operation safety, develop operational strategies, and configure project solutions.

Battery Cluster Active Parallel Management Technology

AiP(Active in Parallel)breaks the technical barrier of energy storage

AiP enables active control of battery cluster current independently of PCS. It virtually supplements voltage and adjusts it at the battery cluster terminals in real-time, addressing circulating current issues in parallel-connected battery clusters with inconsistent internal resistance. This prevents system efficiency reduction and energy loss

  • Connecting battery clusters of varying capacity specifications in parallel
  • Mixing use of new batteries and second life batteries
  • No passive circulation between clusters, and 100% available of the battery cluster capacity
  • Conveniently capacity expansion of battery cluster

Parts of Patents for Invention

  • An integrated system and control method for lithium battery simulating the electrical characteristics of lead-acid battery.
  • A system integration and control method for traction battery echelon used in energy storage power station.
  • A fire-fighting device combining pressure relief and fire resistance for energy storage systems.
  • A battery cluster parallel topology for a lithium-ion battery ESS and battery cluster control method.
  • A bidirectional inverter with multiple DC branches and its current balance control method


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