PV System + BESS Solution in the Netherlands

Delivery date: March, 2024
Products: 50kW/143kWh EnerArk2.0 integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet
Application:  the EnerArk system was installed at the Rotterdam villa area, and is used for self-consumption of photovoltaic (PV) energy. Excess PV energy that is not immediately used by the load will be stored in the EnerArk BESS and released during peak load times, maximizing the self-consumption of the PV system. Additionally, the EnerArk is capable of directly storing surplus energy that the utility grid cannot accommodate, and then supplying it promptly when needed or integrating it into the grid at the proper time, thereby reducing waste caused by curtailment of PV system and blackout constraints, so as to assist the client in creating a sustainable green 'Eco-Villa'.