500kW/1MWh Farm Integrated Solar + ESS Microgrid in Dominica


Farm Integrated Solar + ESS Microgrid in Dominica

Delivery date: Nov, 2021

Products: 500kW/1MWh Containerized Energy Storage System

Application: In November 2021, Vilion delivered a 20ft Containerized Energy Storage System(EnerCube) with a capacity of 500kW/1MWh and an integrated solution to a farm in Dominica to help enhance power supply stability and save electricity costs. The ESS integrates power sources such as utility grid, photovoltaics and diesel generators to constitute a smart Integrated Solar + ESS Microgrid. It supports on-grid and off-grid operation and quick switching within 10ms, allowing energy to move on demand and greatly improving the local power supply stability. In addition, the EV safety LFP energy storage battery and active fire protection design used in the ESS can ensure the safety of the system, allowing the farm to intelligently operate ESS in the peak and valley periods of the load curve to achieve saving electricity costs while eliminating safety concerns.

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