Integrated Solar + ESS + EV Charging Station in Guangdong

Delivery time: April 2023  

Products: 500kW/1MWh 40ft Container Energy storage system +EMS, integrating the local PV and charging system.  

Application: Emergency power backup and meeting the local users' needs for stable power supply. The system has high safty, small size and convenient installation. It is suitable for indoor installation and provides users with good power using experience of automatic and non-inductive switching. 

The integrated energy solution of Solar+ESS+Charging system will first ensure the green photovoltaic power to charge electric vehicles through charging piles, and the excess energy will be stored in the energy storage system for backup, which effectively improving the utilization efficiency of PV system. At the same time, the system can also be combined with the Time-of-Use tariff strategy, so as to save electricity and get profits. The system has both on-grid and off-grid operation mode and switching functions. When the utility grid is off, the energy storage system can run at off-grid mode and act as an emergency backup power to ensure the constant power supply of the charging pile.