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Independent R&D, system integration, software development, O&M and dismantling&recycling, Vilion is a full life cycle partner.
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Core Team

Vilion’s engineers have been committed to electrochemical ESS R&D and applications since 2007.

Vilion has its core team composed of the original BYD engineers who are obsessed with BESS integration technology. The founder of Vilion and the core members have been committed to the electrochemical ESS R&Dsince 2007 and they have successively delivered over 2GWh energy storage projects and developed or participated in the implementation of more than 100 battery energy storage projects in 23 countries of the world, covering all application scenarios of battery energy storage.


CEO  Mr.Shawn

Mr.Shawn has 15 years of R&D experience in electrochemical energy storage and 10 years of management experience. Prior to founding Vilion, Mr.Shawn worked at BYD Electric Power Research Institute.


Mr.Shawn has been a developer and supporter of battery storage technology since 2007.During his tenure at BYD, he had successively served as BMS Software Engineer, Senior Manager Assistant of R&D Dept., Director of Project Management Dept.,Manager of Operation Dept. and Director of Containerized Energy Storage Project, been responsible for the ESS development, ESS integration, ESS monitoring cloud platform development, ESS manufacturing management, etc. and personally managed or participated in more than 1GWh of energy storage projects, such as the largest new energy demonstration project in China - Zhangbei micro-grid project, PJM frequency regulation application of ESS project in the United States, frequency regulation application of ESS in the United Kingdom, solar and ESS demonstration project in South Africa and European residential energy storage projects, etc., which enhanced the visibility of the company and the Chinese energy storage technology in these regions, and accumulated a wealth of domestic and foreign market basis and experience.


Mr.Shawn holds a master's degree in software Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and has rich professional knowledge of software and information technology. 15 years of working experience in the energy storage industry also grants him a new understanding and pursuit of "energy". Therefore, Mr.Shawn co-founded Vilion with his team and is committed to building a low-carbon, efficient and sustainable energy world through energy storage technology innovation.


Chief Engineer & Product and Solution Director


Software Engineer & Product Development Director


Senior Electrical Engineer & System Integration Director


Overseas Marketing Director


Structural Engineer & Director of Engineering Technology Center


Domestic Marketing Director


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