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MPPT controller

MPPT controller

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system is a kind of electrical system that enables the photovoltaic panels to output more electricity by adjusting the working status of electrical modules. It can effectively store the DC electricity from solar panels in the battery, which can effectively solve the problem of shortage of electricity for living and industry in remote areas and tourist areas that cannot be covered by the conventional power grid, and does not cause any environmental pollution. By using the leading Power Catcher power tracking technology in the industry to realize the high energy tracking of solar panels, the products can quickly and accurately track the power points of photovoltaic arrays in any environment, and obtain the high efficiency energy of solar panels in real time. Significantly improve the efficiency of solar systems. It is widely used in solar off-grid photovoltaic system, and it is the core control component of off-grid photovoltaic system to manage the work of solar panels and batteries. This product can be connected with lcd screen, bluetooth communication module, PC host computer, dynamic display running status, running parameters, controller log, control parameters, etc. Users can consult the parameters and modify the control parameters to meet different system requirements. Controller adopts standard Modbus communication protocol, which is convenient for users to expand and modify the parameters of the system. Can maximize the convenience of users to complete different remote monitoring requirements. The controller has comprehensive electronic fault self-testing function and powerful electronic protection function to avoid the damage of product parts due to installation errors and system failures.

Product features

By using the maximum power tracking algorithm, the energy efficiency of the system is significantly improved, and the charging efficiency is 30% higher than that of the P WM mode. A variety of tracking algorithms can be used to locate the best working point of the I -V curve.

M PPT tracking efficiency is as high as 99.9, circuit energy conversion efficiency is as high as 98, extreme efficiency, no waste of energy.

omni-directional electronic protection function; battery reverse connection protection, P V reverse connection protection, P V short circuit protection, charging overcurrent protection.

Built-in temperature detection, by reducing the charge, no fan, extreme temperature environment still maintain stable operation.

Support standard Modbus protocols to meet communication needs in a variety of environments and situations.

Support a variety of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, users can customize charging parameters


Product parameters

MPPT solar controller





System voltage

12V /24V

Charge current





Solar panel power (12 V cells)






Solar panel power (24 V cells)






Solar open circuit voltage


Static Power


Support battery type

Lead acid batteries, colloidal batteries, open batteries, lithium batteries

Balanced charge

14.6 V/29.2V( Adjustable)

Upgrade charging

14.4 V/28.8V( Adjustable)

Floating charge

                        13.8 V/27.6V( Adjustable)

Temperature compensation factor

-3 mV/℃2 V

Operating temperature range



95%, no condensation


10 mm²/8AWG



Product Accessories

This MPPT controller has the following accessories: LCD display, BT-2 Bluetooth module, PC side connection cable, BTS temperature sensor.



Introduction to MPPT power tracking technology

(Maximum Power Point Tracking, or MPPT) system is an advanced charging technology that enables the battery panel to output more power by regulating the operating state of the electrical module. Due to the non-linear characteristics of the solar array, there is an energy output point (high power point) of the array on its curve. Traditional controllers (switching charging technology and PWM charging technology) cannot maintain charging the battery at this point and therefore cannot obtain high efficiency energy from the panel, but solar controllers with MPPT control technology can always track the solar power point to The solar controller with MPPT control technology can always track the solar power point to obtain high efficiency energy to charge the battery.

Take 12V system as an example, because the peak voltage of solar panel (Vpp) is about 17V and the battery voltage is about 12V, the voltage of solar panel is about 12V when charging by general charge controller, which does not fully play out the high power. high efficiency value. 

Compared with the traditional PWM controller, the MPPT controller is able to bring out the high efficiency and high power of the panel, so it can significantly provide a large charging current, and generally speaking, MPPT can increase the energy utilization rate by 25% to 40% compared with PWM controller.

                                                       Cell plate output characteristic curve

Meanwhile, the maximum power point often changes due to different ambient temperature and light conditions. Our MPPT controller can adjust the parameters from time to time according to different conditions so that the system is always near the maximum working point. The whole process is fully automatic and does not require any adjustment by the user.


Installation introduction

Step 1: Choose the installation location to avoid installing the controller in direct sunlight, high temperature and places where water can easily enter, and to ensure good ventilation around the controller. 
Step 2: Mark the installation location according to the installation size of the controller, drill 4 suitable sized installation holes at the 4 marks, and fix the screws on the top two installation holes.
Step 3: Fix the controller by aligning the controller fixing holes with the 2 screws fixed in advance and then hang them up, then fix the two screws below.
Step 4: Wiring For installation safety, we recommend a wiring order as follows; however, not following this order will not damage the controller.



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