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Product features

⚫Cover a variety of energy storage application scenarios, including energy storage, photovoltaic, wind power, grid and other multi-energy complementary scenarios.

⚫Support access to cloud and third-party monitoring system.

⚫Traceability of system operation log.

⚫Support millisecond fast response.

⚫Integrate multiple energy management strategies.


Product application

⚫P/Q Dispatch – receive the command of customer remote control system, control the execution of multiple BESS, and dispatch power according to various dispatch strategies, such as SOC, battery life optimization and so on.

⚫Planned Power Generation Function – dispatch solar, BESS to transmit electric energy to the grid according to the configured time period and power every day, order to maximize the revenue of PV generation.

⚫Load Shifting – collecting meter value and according to electricity price of peak and valley, dispatch BESS to charge or discharge, so as to reduce the bill in industrial and commercial places.

⚫Energy Management of Microgrid – according to the load state or the operation situation of DG, reasonably dispatch various power sources and loads to start or stop, and power, so as to meet the purpose of power supply guarantee of key load or the most economic operation.


Product  parameters


Specification Parameters


Control function

P/Q dispatch,

Planned power generation function,

Load shifting,

Energy management of microgrid

No more than 16 BESS are managed and the BESS power is unlimited

User interface

Web interface


Communication interface

2-channel Ethernet

6-channel RS485

1-channel 4G


Communication protocol

Modbus IEC 104DL / T645


Analog input

4 channel

 Load conduction current: 250VAC / 1a, 30VDC / 3A, accuracy: 4 ~ 20mA / 0 ~ 10VDC 1%


1 channel


Digital output

10 channel /8 channel

 250Vac / 1A30Vdc / 3A

Digital input

10 channel /8 channel

Support passive dry node, 24 VDC

Auxiliary supply



Working environment temperature






Ambient relative humidity



Protection level



Mounting method



◎Note: This product needs to be adapted for project development when it is applied to a specific project. 


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