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EnerCube应用场景-工业园区新logo 910-574


Containerized Battery Energy Storage System

EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System is launched by Vilion team with 15 years of electrochemical energy storage R&D and application experience, which adopts All-in-One design and integrates battery module, PCS, PDU, FSS, TCS, MPPT into the 20ft container and is suitable for the most demanding of industrial and commercial applications.

  • All-in-one Design
  • Cell: LFP batteries
  • Max. Capacity: 1290kWh(standard),1720kWh(maximal)
  • Rated Power: 180kW, 360kW, 600kW,Max.800kW

EnerCube Containerized Battery Energy Storage System

EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System is a high-safety integrated energy storage system for demanding of user-side energy storage launched by Vilion team combined with 15 years of electrochemical energy storage R&D and application experience. It is designed for the most applications scenarios such as industrial and commercial emergency power, peak-load shifting, system capacity expansion and smoothing new energy power output.


EnerCube Battery Energy Storage System implements strict production management standards on the basis of ISO quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system requirements, ensuring that hundreds of tests and commissioning have been carried out before delivery to customers, thus saving on-site construction and operation costs, and realizing safe, efficient and comfortable energy use.  


Containerized battery energy storage systems have emerged as a revolutionary solution to address the growing demand for efficient and reliable energy storage. As a B2B platform, specializes in offering a wide range of containerized battery energy storage system products. These systems provide a compact and scalable solution for storing and utilizing renewable energy, enabling businesses to achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability.


At, we understand the importance of efficiency and reliability when it comes to energy storage solutions. Our containerized battery energy storage systems are designed to optimize energy usage, ensuring minimal energy losses during storage and discharge. These systems are equipped with advanced control mechanisms and intelligent algorithms to maximize efficiency and deliver consistent performance.


Furthermore, our containerized energy storage systems undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance measures to ensure their reliability and durability. With robust construction and built-in safety features, our products provide long-lasting performance and peace of mind for businesses seeking dependable energy storage solutions.

Key Parameters

Cell: LFP   

Max. Capacity: 1290kWh          

Rated Power: 180kW, 360kW, 600kW

Rated Grid Voltage:AC400V, 3P4W+PE

Communication Interface & Protocol: Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP

Size: 6058mm*2438mm*2896mm





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Peak-load shifting  

Benefit from the Time-of -Use tariff        

Microgrid for islands and remote area

Grid asupport service

Renewable energy integration

Emergency power



High Integration 

All-in-One design to integrate all components by one-stop in the containers of international standard size, which is easy to lift and transfer.


Flexible Scalability

Modular design of structure and components, multiple parallel connection and collaborative control;

Easy integrating with multi-type power source, such as solar, wind and diesel generators as per demands conveniently;

High compatibility with different brands, different manufacturing times, and even different specifications of the battery cluster.









High safety

200+ FMEA design optimization;

60+ security protection policies;

Modular intercluster security isolation technology;

Advanced model health assessment and risk warning technology.


Economy and high efficiency

DC BUS Netting Technology to eliminate the passive circulation between clusters, and the battery cluster capacity is 100% available;

Grately saving cost of the power part, and system efficiency increased by 2%.


Let’s find why choose EnerCube


Customized BESS Solution

Vilion also could provide you with the customized BESS solution with flexible power and capacity according to the project specific application.
Application: frequency regulation, voltage support, renewable energy integration, peak load shifting, microgrid and backup power supply.
Charging/discharging rate: 4C, 2C, 1C, 0.5C, etc.
Container type: 20ft, 30ft, 40ft.

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