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Empowering Farms Through Resilient Renewable Energy Solutions: PHNXX & Vilion‘s Success Amidst Melbourne's Major Power Outage

More than half a million Victorians were impacted during the blackouts that started on the 13th of February with many people going without power for days. The only encouragement was Vilion’s partner-- PHNXX’s weather-resilient Modular Microgrid System (MMS), which ensured that a dairy farmer based near Warragul had uninterrupted access to clean energy despite all his close neighbours and many others in the area losing power.   PHNXX’s MMS, powered by solar energy and enhanced with a Vilion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) ensured uninterrupted access to clean power for his farm. Notably, their adaptable MMS played a pivotal role in shielding farming operations during the blackouts and preventing loss in revenue. During the outage, neighbouring farms faced powerlessness or struggled to run diesel generators due to inaccessible or non-functioning local service stations who were also without power. The MMS as a whole was so effective that the farmer was able to lend his backup diesel generator to power his brother’s farm nearby, who was still without power after 3 days. The BESS provided by Vilion demonstrated its robust emergency capabilities as a reliable power source by ensuring a continuous and stable power supply, safeguarding the normal operation of machinery and equipment at the dairy. This event once again validated the crucial role of BESS systems in responding to unexpected weather events. The MMS approach empowers farms to optimize energy usage year-round, aligning with fluctuating energy demands and they are committed to empowering farming communities with renewable energy solutions. Their aim is to promote energy security and independence while curbing carbon emissions in rural and remote operations. Key initiatives of the MMS include: Mitigating unstable energy supply stemming from antiquated grid infrastructure and surging electricity demands Cost effective solution helps customers lock in their power prices for the next 20 years and provides energy security Scalable solutions for farms of diverse sizes, facilitating the shift towards a cleaner, more dependable energy landscape Streamlining energy production and consumption through the capabilities of a Vilion’s BESS to minimize wastage and greenhouse gas emissions To learn more about Vilion’s BESS please visit our website at: For further details on PHNXX and pilot program, visit the website at:

ESIE | Vilion and TÜV Signed A MOU to Jointly Promote The Healthy and Sustainable Development of The Energy Storage Industry

On April 11, 2024, the 12th Energy Storage International Conference And Expo (ESIE) kicked off grandly at the Shougang Exhibition & Convention Center, with over 500 energy storage exhibitors gathering together, attracted over 100,000 attendees on the first day.   At booth E324 in Hall 3, an official signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between Vilion and TÜV was held. Mr. Andy Chen, Director of Products & Solutions at Vilion, and Mr. Li, Vice President of Global Power Electronics Product Services and GM of Solar and Commercial Product Services in Greater China at TÜV, formally signed the MOU and exchanged the agreements in the presence of numerous peers. TÜV is a globally leading technical service provider, offering comprehensive testing, inspection, certification, and consulting services to companies across various industries. Vilion is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, sales, and services of battery energy storage-related products. It is committed to leveraging battery energy storage technology innovation to drive the global energy transition.   The signing of this MOU signifies that both parties will maintain close collaboration, fully leveraging their respective strengths to achieve mutual benefits. It marks the beginning of a comprehensive partnership across various fields such as battery energy storage technology, standardization, product innovation, and laboratory testing. Moreover, it represents a new phase in the strategic alliance between the two companies in the field of energy storage products and technology. This partnership is poised to inject more vitality and momentum into the global energy storage industry and foster the healthy and sustainable development of the entire renewable energy industry.  

Vilion’s EnerCube BESS Is Set To Be Shipped To Sweden Again

On April 11, 2024, the 500kW/1075kWh EnerCube containerized battery energy storage system from Vilion successfully passed the FAT at Vilion’s Huizhou factory and was ready to be shipped to the project site in Sweden. EnerCube adopts a modular design, allowing flexible configuration of battery cabinet quantities according to different projects, with a maximum capacity of 1720kWh. Its innovative structural design concept cuts the leading time by 50% compared to traditional containerized energy storage systems. It also features modularized O&M function, meaning that maintenance or repair of individual modules does not interfere with the normal operation of other modules, greatly improving system availability and cost-effectiveness. Vilion has actively promoted the EnerCube's domestic and international certifications, having obtained various authoritative certifications including IEC, G99, UN, UL, CE, and China classification society certifications. It has been successfully applied in various scenarios such as emergency power supply, integrated solar + BESS + charging system, peak-load shifting, power system capacity expansion and frequency modulation, etc. Upon arrival at the project site in Sweden, the EnerCube containerized battery energy storage system will serve the regional frequency modulation and it will swiftly balance the customer’s supply-demand gap in the utility grid, ensuring the reliability of electricity supply.

Vilion's EnerArk-M Will Boost The Intelligent And Low-Carbon Production of The Farm in The UK

On April 3, 2024, at Vilion's intelligent manufacturing factory in Shenzhen, China, a 60kW/107kWh EnerArk-M integrated outdoor battery storage cabinet successfully passed a series of factory acceptance tests (FAT) and is set to be shipped to the United Kingdom. This EnerArk-M features a modular design and is specifically designed as a compact battery storage system for small-scale energy storage needs within the EnerArk series. It continues the comprehensive safety design concept of EnerArk 2.0, with features such as plug-and-play functionality, support for AC coupling and DC coupling with the solar system, rapid on-grid and off-grid switching, making it suitable for various C&I energy storage applications. The EnerArk-M being shipped this time will be used for a farm in the UK. It will be integrated with the farm's 17KW solar system to store solar power in off-grid mode, providing power specifically for the farm's automated fruit and vegetable picking robots, thus driving the farm towards green, low-carbon production. Additionally, EnerArk-M also supports on-grid operation, the utility grid charges the BESS during off-peak electricity periods and the BESS discharges stored energy during peak electricity periods to assist the farm in cost-effective use of automated harvesting tools, achieving more efficient production management. This innovative solution not only introduces a new energy utilization method for agricultural production but also provides a feasible path for eco-friendly and economically beneficial development.

Vilion's EnerArk Series BESS (644kWh) Are About To Be Shipped to Europe Again

On April 7, 2024, at the Vilion Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, two 215kWh EnerArk and two 107 kWh EnerArk-M integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinets successfully passed rigorous factory acceptance testing (FAT) and are about to set sail for Europe. This marks the 13th batches in 2024 that Vilion's EnerArk series BESS have been shipped to Europe. The EnerArk series integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinets feature a modular design, allowing flexible configuration according to customer needs and supporting the parallel connection and coordinated control up to 60 units. The system offers convenient operation with a minimalist local and cloud-based maintenance capability. With a response time of  < 100ms, EnerArk can be easily used for frequency modulation and other power auxiliary services. Currently, the EnerArk series products have obtained lots of certifications both domestically and internationally (including CE certification for the whole machine, GB/T36558, G99, UN3480, UKCA, MSDS, etc.), with over 190 units deployed globally across 5 continents and 30+ countries. It stands as one of Vilion's best-selling products. After the delivery of the two 215kWh EnerArk integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinets and two 107kWh EnerArk-M outdoor battery energy storage cabinets to the project site in Europe, they will primarily be used for regional power frequency modulation and ensuring a balance between the power supply and demand by the quick respond, thus enhancing the stability of the power grid.

Vilion's First Batch of 1C Containerized BESS (1104kWh) is Being Delivered to Europe

On March 26, 2024, Vilion held a shipment ceremony for its first batch of two 1C containerized battery energy storage systems, EnerCube2.0. These two 500kW/552kWh EnerCube2.0 containerized BESS underwent rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and were successfully shipped for delivery to the C&I energy storage projects in Europe. EnerCube adopts a modular design, and single cluster self-management individually. This allows for separate maintenance or replacement of a single module in case of a malfunction, without causing the entire system to halt, greatly improving the system availability and safety. The system's 1C efficient charge and discharge configuration provide users with the best energy storage experience. In addition to over 100 tests ensuring safety and performance during production, Vilion's dedicated service team and partners in Europe also offer rapid on-site services, ensuring users can use EnerCube without worries or concerns and truly achieving easy, intelligent power consumption. The two EnerCube containerized BESS delivered this time will serve as regional power frequency modulation in European projects, helping users improve grid stability and reliability at low costs.  

ITOCHU Corporation (Japan's Top 3 general trading companies) Visited Vilion for Cooperation on C&I Energy Storage Projects

On March 25, 2024, a delegation from ITOCHU Corporation, Japan's Top 3 general trading companies, visited Vilion in Shenzhen to discuss and further deepen cooperation on C&I energy storage projects. Accompanied by Miles Ge, the International Marketing Director of Vilion, the delegation visited the production and assembly site of Vilion's 1C EnerCube containerized battery energy storage system. Dee Zhang, the Director of Product Development Center at Vilion, provided a detailed explanation to the delegation about the design concept, technological innovations, manufacturing process and distinctive features of EnerCube, which sparked great interest among the delegates. After the on-site visit and exchange, the delegation once again expressed high praise for EnerCube's innovative design and production process control. Previously, Vilion and ITOCHU successfully completed a 7.296MWh cascade battery energy storage project in Japan. This visit aims to build upon the solid foundation of previous collaboration and explore the latest solutions for C&I energy storage projects. It also includes discussions on further plans for jointly expanding into the Japanese energy storage market, strengthening long-term cooperation and exchanges between both parties.

Embrace the Spring Together!

Vilion recently hosted a team-building event called "Spring Sunshine Cycling" at Huizhou's Honghua Lake on March 24th. The activity aimed to foster camaraderie among employees, relieve work stress, and promote leisurely engagement. Participants, including solo riders and various team formations, enjoyed an 18-kilometer cycling journey filled with laughter and joy under the bright sun. Families were also encouraged to join, enhancing bonds and enjoying a refreshing outdoor experience. The event concluded with a launch banquet, further strengthening relationships. Vilion, committed to employee well-being, organizes various activities regularly such as expanding training, team-building activities, constructive feedback rewards, holiday celebrations, and more, providing ample opportunities for each employee's development and looks forward to growing together with every one!

Vilion Advances Cascade Battery Energy Storage Technology Collaboration with Japanese Delegation

Vilion welcomed a visit from a delegation led by Mr. Cai, the Renewable Energy & Energy Management Department Director of a Japanese company, on the afternoon of March 22, 2024. The main topic of the on-site exchange was the discussion of cascade battery energy storage technology solutions and applications. Mr. Cai and his team expressed great interest and attention to the technical strength and innovative capabilities of Vilion in the field of cascade battery energy storage. Both parties engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges during the meeting on the latest trends in cascade battery energy storage technology, application cases, system integration, and market prospects. Vilion is dedicated to the research and development of battery energy storage technology and provides more professional, safe, and economical integrated energy storage solutions. The company not only offers new battery energy storage system solutions but also upholds the concept of sustainable development, focusing on the cascade utilization of batteries to improve resource utilization efficiency and provide customers with differentiated optional solutions. Mr. Cai and his team highly recognized and appreciated Vilion's technical strength and product applications in the field of battery energy storage. The successful holding of this meeting has not only deepened the cooperation and exchanges between the two parties in the field of cascade battery energy storage but also provided an important opportunity and foundation for possible future cooperation projects and technological innovations. Vilion will continue to work towards promoting the development of cascade battery energy storage technology, providing customers with more reliable and efficient energy storage solutions, and jointly promoting the transformation and development of clean energy.  
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