Integrated Solar + ESS Smart Microgrid in South Africa

Delivery date: Nov, 2021 and April, 2022

Products: 3 sets of the 60kW/147.84kWh Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet.

Application: Vilion provided 1 set of the Integrated Solar + ESS Smart Microgrid solution for a factory in South Africa, which satisfies its desire to achieve no power outages, green energy consumption and cost savings. The integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet( EnerArk)  usually works in the on-grid mode, giving priority to the use of PV green power, and using energy storage to achieve peak-load shifting and prepare for emergency supply. In the case of utility grid power outage, the STS static switch automatically switches to the solar+storage system to ensure the load operation, and the non-inductive switching between on-grid and off-grid brings users a relaxed energy consumption experience.

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