Industrial Park ESS for Peak-load Shifting in Shanxi

Delivery time: January 2023

Delivered product: six sets of Vilion 80kW/153.6kWh EnerArkIntegrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinets, one set of PowerHUB Energy Storage Bus Module, one set of Vilion Vistarter EMS and one set of Vilion ViViewer Cloud Monitoring and Intelligent Management System,

The Vilion 480kW/921.6kWh Industrial Park Energy Storage Project is located in a mature industrial park with limited space in Shanxi, central China, which perfectly matched with the site space layout and grid system. This on-grid solution optimizes the park power supply, mitigates the grid pressure during peak consumption periods and the urgent demand for the distribution infrastructures, smooths the power consumption curve, saves the power capacity expansion investment and generate profits through the peak and valley electricity price difference to comprehensively reduce the costs.