480KW/ 921.6kWh

Industrial Park Energy Storage for Peak-load Shifting in Shanxi

Delivery time: January, 2023

Delivered products: 480KW/ 921.6kWh industrial park energy storage system, including 6 sets of 80kW/153.6kWh EnerArk integrated outdoor battery energy storagePCS+ battery system +BMS system + control system and other auxiliary systems.

The 480KW/ 921.6kWh energy storage system supplied by Vilion for an industrial park in Shanxi Province is mainly worked in parallel by 6 sets of EnerArk cabinets, which well meets the application of power expansion and peak-load shifting in the industrial park and ensure stable power supply and normal production & operation. Besides, the industrial park can get benefit from the electricity price difference and finally realize the comprehensive reduction of enterprise electricity costs.