30 kW/100kWh Integrated ESS+Solar+EV Chargers in Jiangsu


Integrated ESS+Solar+EV Chargers in Jiangsu

Delivery date: Oct, 2021

Products: 30kW/100kWh Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet. 

Application: Due to the dense industrial enterprises in Jiangsu Province, China, the power grid load usually fluctuate greatly, the time-of-use electricity price policy has been continuously increased, and the charging cost of electric vehicles has gradually increased. Vilion provided the Integrated Outdoor BESC(EnerArk) for a local industrial park by combining with the client SCDA scheduling command to achieve that the utility grid charges the EnerArk during the low price period of electricity and the EneArk provides required power to the electric vehicles during the peak period of the electricity price. The automatic charging and discharging process of the energy storage battery effectively adjusts the power consumption curve, helps to reduce the basic capacity requirements and load loss and gains revenue from the difference of electricity bills of different periods, and accomplishes the goal of comprehensively reducing the power consumption cost.

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