Industrial Park Energy Storage + Charging Station Demonstration Project in Shenzhen

Delivery time: November, 2022

Delivered product: 30kW/100kWh EnerArk Integrated Outdoor Battery Energy Storage Cabinet

Application: The energy storage cabinet is applied in an industrial park in Longgang district, Shenzhen. As a demonstration project of energy storage + charging station, it helps the industrial park achieve peak-load shifting. The electricity demand curve can be effectively adjusted through the charging and discharging process of the battery energy storage cabinet. In the low period of electricity price, the utility grid will charge to the battery energy storage cabinet. In the peak period of electricity price, the battery energy storage cabinet will provide power to the electric vehicles in the industrial park, so as to achieve the goals of energy transfer and obtain revenue from the difference of electricity bills of different periods, and accomplish the goal of comprehensively reducing the power consumption cost.