250kVA/3MWh Farm Solar+ESS Microgrid in Nigeria


Farm Solar+ESS Microgrid in Nigeria

Delivery date: Dec, 2021

Products: 250kW/3MWh Containerized Energy Storage System, integrating the 3 pieces of EnerCube, 540kWp PV, 250kW bidirectional inverter system and self-developed MPPT and smart microgrid battery management system (supporting local control and remote cloud monitoring).

Application: In order to solve the problem of unstable power supply of the local utility grid, one of the largest local farms in Nigeria, S Farm, selected the 250kW/3MWh Solar+ESS Microgrid solution provided by Vilion among many solutions, which successfully freed the farm from the dependence on unstable utility grids and conventional diesel generators. By means of on-grid and off-grid seamless switching and reasonable allocation of various power systems, Vilion’s solution not only provides automatic uninterruptible power supply for farms and help effectively save electricity bills, but also reduce carbon emissions by 95.589 tons per year on S farms, achieving low-carbon, green and sustainable development.