Solar+ESS+Diesel Generator Microgrid in Germany

Delivery time: April 2023

Delivered product: a 240kW/688kWh 20 feet EnerCube2.0 containerized energy storage system +BMS, including 4 sets of 172kWh modular outdoor battery energy storage cabinets and an electrical room

According to the integrated Solar+ESS+Diesel Generator Microgrid Solution provided by Vilion, the EnerCube connects to the factory's solar system and diesel generator. In the on-grid mode, the system combines the EMS scheduling strategy designed by Vilion to deploy each power generation unit intelligently, which firstly ensures the effective improvement of the solar system utilization; Secondly, according to the user's settings, the ESS will take advantage of the local Time-of-Use tariff policy to achieve profits; At the same time, the system can also start the diesel generator as power supply in an emergency, and finally make the power system of the factory more efficient and stable.