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A Wonderful Journey Through Vilion, Discovering Edge energy Management System Solutions

Last Wednesday, 13 September, we welcomed an Asian customer from the United States to visit our company and learn more about our commercial and industrial battery storage systems and energy management

Vilion won the "2023 China New Energy Storage Most Valuable Investment New Force Award"

"China's Innovative Forces in the Field of New Energy Storage Emerge at the Carbon-Neutral Energy Academician Summit and China International Conference on New Energy Storage Technologies and Engineeri

Benefits Of Integrated Solar Energy Storage System Charging Stations

An integrated solar energy storage system charging station, also known as a standalone solar charging station, is a facility that combines solar panels, battery storage, and charging infrastructure into a single setup

Vilion EnerArk 2.0 Integrated BESS Obtained The EU Design Patent

Recently, the integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet EnerArk2.0 independently developed by Vilion successfully obtained the design patent certificate issued by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (patent number: 015029818-0001). With the acceleration of the business expansion, Vilion actively carries out the overseas patents and products certification applying, and continuously improves the overseas competitiveness and risk control abilities while concentrating on the core advantages of products, so as to win more initiatives in the fierce international competitions.

UK Clients Visited Vilion

On August 16, 2023, Mr. Yao and his team from a UK intelligent energy service company visited Vilion. Accompanied by Mr. Shawn, CEO of Vilion, Mr. Andy, the chief engineer and Mr. Miles, the director of overseas marketing center of Vilion, Mr. Yao and his team visited Vilion’s intelligent manufacturing factory and the automatic assembly production line of EnerArk integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet. Where Mr. Yao had an in-depth understanding of the technical characteristics and qualifications&certifications of Vilion’s energy storage system. The EnerArk2.0 integrated outdoor battery energy storage cabinet has currently obtained the UK G99, UKCA, CE-EMC, UN3480, IEC and other authoritative certifications and perfectly applicable to the UK solar+ storage + charging station, farms, office parks, industrial parks and other energy storage scenarios.

Delivery of the second batch of EnerCube2.0 to Europe

On August 3, 2023, a 120kW/680kWh EnerCube2.0 containerized energy storage system started shipping to the UK project site as the customer's instructions. The energy storage system adopted a standard 20ft container frame and modular design structure to meet the overall transportation, installation and maintenance. The system was equipped with a local EMS for unified energy management, operation control and deployment, which had edge computing, fault warning, data storage and upload functions. Vilion’s PCS had obtained the G99 certification since 2022 and successfully reviewed by the UK Energy Networks Association (ENA) in April this year, listing ENA approved PCS products and suppliers. Furthermore, Vilion is still actively improving and applying for the product certifications required by other target markets except for the UK, which provides a guarantee for the product to expand a broader market.  

"COOL YOUTH, FIGHTING TOGETHER" Vilion Held the Group Building Activities

In order to release the work pressure, enhance the tacit understanding and team cooperation ability, and enrich the daily life of the employees, Vilion organized a HOME PARTY group building activity with the theme of "COOL YOUTH, FIGHTING TOGETHER" on August 5, 2023. Activities included billiards, ice hockey, badminton, real CS shootout, water gun & water polo war, KTV, automatic mahjong, leisure cinema, e-sports and many other projects for everyone to freely form teams to compete. This summer party was both passionate and harmonious, strengthened the communication and cooperation between employees, but also further inspired the consciousness of different departments to be more concentrated, united and forging ahead.  

The First Batch of Energy Storage Cabinets in Vilion’s New Intelligent Factory Were Shipped

On July 21, 2023, 5 sets of 60kW/160kWh EnerArk2.0 outdoor battery energy storage cabinets were successfully shipped to Luxembourg in Vilion’s Shenzhen Intelligent Factory, which is also the first batch shipment after Vilion’s 2200m2 new intelligent factory was put into operation since June. The whole process of assembly, integration and inspection of this batch of products is completed in one station of the new plant, and 5 sets of 60kW/160kWh EnerArk2.0 energy storage cabinets will serve the customer by providing stable and reliable power supply through the on-grid operation mode.     Engineers are making pre-shipment preparations    

Vilion’s Another Growing Star Product--EnerCube2.0

After purchasing a 500kW/1075kWh containerized energy storage system EnerCube2.0 from Vilion on June 12, a customer in Shenzhen, China recently signed another various sets of 500kW/1075kWh EnerCube2.0 Framework Procurement Agreement with Vilion. Since 2023, the containerized energy storage system solutions designed and delivered by Vilion have been applied in Japan, Germany, Somalia and other countries. On July 14, another one 240kW/860kWh EnerCube2.0 order has been signed for end user located in Sweden. These products can successfully match the local standards and grid requirements, and meet the diverse energy needs of users through the solar and storage fusion design, EMS and intelligent scheduling systems, and on-grid and off-grid switching functions.
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