Vilion (Shenzhen) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Independent R&D, system integration, software development, O&M and dismantling&recycling, Vilion is a full life cycle partner.
Company profile
Shenzhen Weilan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Vilion (Shenzhen) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 
The integrated technology and service solution supplier of battery energy storage system

Focusing on the integrated technology and service of battery energy storage system, Vilion (Shenzhen) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development,Portable solar energy lighting trailer,Containerized Battery Energy Storage System,Echelon power battery,Peak shaving sales and service of products related to battery energy storage and devotes to becoming a professional technology and solution service provider to provide product technology and service for small and medium-sized energy storage enterprises. 

Technical Team:

Main technicians of the company have worked in well-known energy storage enterprises for almost 10 years and participated in many energy storage projects at home and abroad accumulatively. They have fully mastered key integrated technology of battery energy storage system and are familiar with project process issue solution and product standard.

Continuous Innovation:

Persisting in customer-oriented and centering on customers' demands, the company innovates continuously to provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable solutions and services.



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